A&J Toys is a family-owned company that began as a father-son passion to collect cars and toys. As a distributor for Mattel, the company has grown beyond expectations. Their clients have come to appreciate and expect their non-wavering focus on product knowledge, attention to customer service, integrity, speedy-shipping and collector-friendly pricing, which are the very heart of the business.

How It Began

Alex began life staked out in front of toy stores with his dad, an avid die-cast cars collector. Alex's dad had been a collector for years and found himself becoming more and more frustrated, chasing the latest items from large retail stores. Like many collectors, he found himself staked out in front of stores hours before they opened in hopes of being the first to grab the fresh toy on the shelf. Initially Alex found this added to the excitement of life, but it wasn't long before his dad's passion grew to an obsession and started to embarrass Alex and the rest of the family. Alex knew there was a better way and he inspired his dad to build his own company based on his extensive knowledge of the die-cast cars industry. Being the persuasive individual he is, he convinced his dad that he (Alex) should be named CEO, at about the same time he started tooling around on his own two feet.

It wasn't long before Alex's little brother, Jack came along. Jack had some brilliant and persuasive ideas of his own and he wanted his share of the family pie. "Share" was an important word in the house at the time and he wanted his. Also, as he was learning his letters it became obvious his name was not on the door. So, there was a slight retooling of the company and its name was updated to A&J Toys.

The goal at A&J Toys is to provide customers with the collectible toys they seek at collector-friendly pricing. In doing so, we hope to save countless other families the embarrassment that can be aroused from collector-focused parents who will do whatever it takes to claim the latest, greatest toy.

What We Do

A&J Toys primarily focuses on die-cast collectibles. Leveraging our strong relationship as a distributor for Mattel, we often are the first to carry certain items. Our product offering has expanded to include Barbie. We are also a licensed distributor for JADA and carry a selection of Johnny Lightning and Green Light collectibles. Much of our business is geared toward case sales to smaller retailers and large collectors both domestically and internationally. However, we always enjoy working with moms and dads during the holidays to find that perfect gift of a rare toy.


Our corporate headquarters, main distribution facility and product service center are located in Kansas City, Missouri. We maintain a retail facility in Overland Park, Kansas, but 90% of our sales are generated online. We also sell merchandise at various toy shows and conventions.

Monday - Saturday 10:00AM to 5:00PM CST,
Sunday Closed.

Retail Facility:
13600 Nw 72nd St
Kansas City, Missouri 64152-1103

Customer Service:
[email protected]

Contact Info
A and J Toys, LLC
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